Do I really need a new website?

I have a website already, so do I really need a new one?

Part of running a small business is the buzz and excitement of progressing forward and bringing together all the various platforms and channels to broadcast your vision and services to the world. Part of that buzz, once was the creation of your website.

You most likely would have spent hours on it sculpting your perfect representation of how you should best portray your business. It was probably once your biggest milestone and something you wanted to show off to the world, right?

Well it may be time to go back to the basic, create that buzz again and re-address your website – but this is a good thing, trust me! Web design is forever evolving and if you do not keep up to date with the latest design and functionality, then you are allowing your competition (who have addressed this) to gain a very significant advantage. They may well be stealing clients from you right now because of this reason.


Imagine this.

Imagine climbing a hill. Now imagine climbing a hill pushing a boulder. Now imagine climbing a hill pushing a boulder in wet mud. This is like having a business with poor web design, it doesn’t move you forward and will constantly hold you back.

So to put this into context, now imagine taking on the hill, wearing your best hiking boots, pulling on a rope connected to the top and Bear Grylls behind you pushing you up. Yeah you guessed it, that’s what it feels like to have a new, high converting website! The hill represents the business journey, it’s how you take it on and position yourself that makes the difference.

So lets dive deeper into whether your current site fits the 5 rules of thumb for a good site.

Man pushing bolder up a hill

What makes a good site?

There are some rules of thumb which we know makes a site a good fit for business. We have listed these out below:


1. Your site must be mobile responsive

This is a HUGE problem if it is not. Over 50% of users browse on mobile devices and tablets, which means if your site does not respond to the size of the screen, then you will find that most of the incoming traffic will leave straight away. So from the outset, you are potentially cutting your audience down by 50%.

People want an easy experience and do not want to be zooming in and out and scrolling all over the place to get the information they need. They will simply leave, visit a competitors responsive site and purchase from them.

If you are not sure if your site is responsive then we can let you know, just send us an email and we’ll get back with an audit > Email Us.


2. Your content must be clear and relevant

Another problem we find when checking sites, is the company message and content isn’t clear anymore. Businesses progress and your services can change which means we are often led to pages with additional content added on with no real relevance to the previous content. This makes it hard for the user to really understand why they are on your site, how you can help them and what they need to do to move forward.

When you first started your site, you most likely had a very clear idea of what information you needed to get out to the world and this would’ve been portrayed. But as time goes by, your business takes over your time, you get buried deep with day-to-day running and before you know it, your business has evolved and your site hasn’t been updated and becomes stagnated.

Your information can become out of date and your pictures may be old. So you need to make sure your message and content is as relevant today as it was when you first started.

When you redesign your site, it ignites the perfect opportunity to re-address your content as a whole. It is important to have a site that connects with the user, not one that just blows your own trumpet. You need to fix their pain point and solve their problem. They need to understand why they should use you and believe it themselves.


3. Your user experience must be simple

If a user can’t land on your site and find what they need within a few clicks, then you have a big user experience problem. Attention spans are at their lowest online now so we need to be capturing their focus from the outset to lead to a contact or purchase conversion.

Easy content links, contact forms, landing pages, explainer videos and info-graphics are all ways which help the user understand what they need to find or do more quickly. This combined with great navigation functionality keeps them interested with an all round pleasurable experience.

Our services pages are easily read with infographics to support the message. Landing pages summarises the client’s requirement and drives the user to get in touch with you. It eliminates the multi-page click barriers and keeps it all on one scrolling page.

From here you can use your business sales skills to close the deal.

Landing Page -> New Leads -> Your Sales Pitch -> $$ ££ €€


4. Your branding must be consistent

We also come across businesses who have updated their flyer designs, which is different than their original business cards, which is different from their current website.

Consistency is key, know your brand and who you are, then portray that across all your platforms and ensure you site anchors it all. Most customers, current or future, will end up on your site at some point, even if its for location information, so you must make sure its aligned with everything else you have.

Take a look at your site, then take a look at the rest of your marketing material. Does it match?


5. Your site must have a great design.

Probably the biggest problem and the most obvious. Yes, lets cut to the chase, your site may just be a bad design. It may have been cool once, but then again so was flared jeans, txt tlk, the term YOLO and MySpace. But they all had their time. The world has moved on and you have to move with it!

Even these old trends reinvented themselves into the skinny jean, emojis, and new social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

(The term YOLO never found a cool replacement because we are not sure it was ever cool.. was it?)

But unlike that, your website can be fixed and reinvented into the fresh, trusted brand that everybody wants to be connected with.


In summary.

Take a good look at your site and take yourself out of your own shoes and in the shows of the modern buyer. Does it fit the 5 rules of thumb, is it cool? 

If you have any doubt, then you may be in need of a new website. 

If you aren’t sure, then send us a message and will give you an honest site review and audit. 

Want to explore your website potential?

Put your company to the test and take a free site audit to figure out whats good, what need improving and what solutions can be added for instant results.

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