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It take just half a second for a viewer to form an opinion on your website that decides whether they stay or leave. Unfortunately, the term ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ doesn’t come into play when its judging a business by it’s website. 
 Ask yourself, would you buy from Store A or Store B? (See picture, right) 

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You’re website is losing you money. Here’s why…

Customers are used to viewing and navigating websites from huge enterprise companies and unfortunately, they’re pretty unforgiving for any website that doesn’t match up. They are expecting a fresh clean design, easy to view content, intuitive navigation and a journey that takes them from A to B in the simplest and most informative manner and most importantly, a fast website that loads quickly. If you’re not providing this, then your customers are leaving your website quicker than your page has even loaded!
But don’t worry! Lucky for you, Creative Toolbox has the ability and knowhow to create enterprise level website experiences at local business costs.

Increase your revenue, today.

Customers buy from brands and businesses that look trustworthy, often making split second subconscious purchase decisions on initial viewing and impulse reaction to a website. It’s important that you provide an experience that portrays trust and feels your potential customer with ease as soon as they land on your site. 

You then guide your customers through your website giving them the exact information they want to know, without clicking through tens of different pages. This portrays that you know exactly why your customer is there and you know exactly how to help them. They’ll take this experience as the company who just ‘gets’ them and their needs, without even speaking to you yet. 

Consistency throughout is key, on design and experience. This shows you’re organised and ready to take action. So after you have brought your customer through the personal experience that relates to them, you finish that off with what is known as a call-to-action, e.g Buy now, ring us, email us, get in touch etc. 

It becomes a natural movement and will increase your revenue and income. This can all be achieved for you with a refresh on design and experience, by readjusting your current wordpress website. 

And on that note, take action today and get your free website audit from us! We’ll take a look at your site and show you how you can improve on this to create more customer conversions.

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